Before setting up your IMS4 integration, you will want to add your Users to Rocket Referrals. This can be done by going to your Setup page and clicking Add User. A user can be an Agency principal, Sales person, Customer Support Representative or any other person you'd like to give access to your Rocket Referrals account. Outside of providing administrative access, these users will be individuals for whom Rocket Referrals will be communicating on their behalf to your clients.

Next, from the Setup tab press the gray Integrations button.

Click the Configure button next to the Xanatek integration for Rocket Referrals. Here you will see a Private Key, Public Key and Service URI. You will be using these to copy-and-paste into your IMS4 settings.

Then, access the Sync Settings tab within your integrations area. You will want to make sure that the Integration Status has been turned on. Click save. Return to the Setup Connection page. You will use this information to copy-and-paste to IMS4.

Now, login to IMS4. Click the gear icon in the bottom left of your screen to access the Admin section within IMS4. Then, select Agencies. Here you will see a tab that says "Third Party Settings". Select, and a pop up window will appear. In the dropdown menu, select Rocket Referrals. Then, click the Edit button and you are ready to enter your Private Key, Public Key and Service URI located on Setup Connection tab inside your Configuration page in Rocket Referrals. Once all have been entered, click Save to finish.

You can now immediately send your data by going to the Third Party Settings, select Rocket Referrals from the drop down menu in the pop-up window and click Sync. 

Once you have saved your settings, call Xanatek support (800.820.1665 or 574.968.0974) to enable nightly updates of your book of business. They may need to access your server to configure these settings. We'd suggest scheduling nightly deliveries or no fewer than once a week.

Now, on your Rocket Referrals account, within the Sync Settings tab, you will need to match the producers and CSRs listed in Xanatek with the users you have added into Rocket Referrals. Please note, it may take time for your Xanatek data to sync with Rocket Referrals. If you don't see these settings immediately, try again the next day after your account syncs.

Once your data is available to match these producers to users, select each users name from the drop down menu and match each one accordingly. If there is a producer that is no longer with your agency, please match them to another user within Rocket Referrals who will take on their client communications.

You will also only want to import the Agencies that you will be managing in this Rocket Referrals account. If you have another agency in your IMS which will not be included, select Exclude.  

After you have matched these fields, be sure to click save at the top of the page.

As always, if you are having any issues, feel free to use the blue chat icon inside your Rocket Referrals account to send us your questions. You can also click the Schedule a Call link at the bottom of your screen to have us help walk you through.