Select the Secondary Contact. Go to the status button in toolbar or right-click and go to status. Select the “Remove as Secondary” option. This removes the wedding ring icon. It will also remove the selected contact from the Display Name Index, the Info tab and the constant header at the top. IMS syncs only the Primary and Secondary contacts to Rocket Referrals. By removing the secondary status, you are removing the contact from Rocket Referrals.

How to manage your contacts in IMS:

If insuring or wanting to insure both parties still, select the contact that is relocating. Go to status and select the “Make a Customer” option. This will open up a new customer window for you to update the customer type (customer or prospect), new address, phone and any other details. Best practice is to use comments to detail divorced or separated date & from whom, as well as set up a divorced/separated group between the two customer records.

If the Primary contact is the party that has deceased or is leaving, you may designate another contact as the new Primary. Highlight the contact and go to status. Select the “Mark as Primary” option. This will reorder your contact cards, placing your new Primary contact in the first position.

Deceased Contacts may be made inactive or hidden. To make inactive, select the contact and go to the edit button in the toolbar or right-click and choose edit. When the contact window opens, deselect the active checkbox. A best practice would be to add the comment deceased & a date to the demographics tab and then save. To hide a contact, select the contact and hide from the toolbar or by using right-click and hide.

What is the difference between making inactive and hiding? Inactive contacts can still be searched or reported on. Hiding a contact will hide them from all searches and reports. The only way to see hidden contacts is to be in the customer record and click the “Show Hidden” option from the Contact Toolbar.

This will update within Rocket Referrals on your next scheduled contact import!