Entering referral sources in IMS4 is the best way to teach Rocket Referrals which of your clients are the most active promoters. It will immediately categorize that referral source as a promoter in Rocket Referrals, drive follow up Thank You Cards and have a huge impact on improving your online reviews.

Here is how to get started:

Select a client. Under the Info tab, click Edit. In the top right corner of the screen you will see a field entitled "Referred By".


Enter the name of the referral source. This can be the name of a client, Realtor, mortgage broker or captive agent. Once completed hit "Save".

Enter your professional contacts to Rocket Referrals. Rocket Referrals will automatically identify client's names and addresses using your Xanatek integration. If you enter the name of a professional contact, Rocket Referrals will need you to add them to your Rocket Referrals account. Click here to learn how. If a contact whose name appears in the Referred By field cannot be found in Rocket Referrals you will see Unmatched Referrals on the Contacts page of your account.

Don't get overwhelmed with getting all your client referrals uploaded immediately. Improving your data is an ongoing process. We suggest that you start by entering referral source information on all new clients that come through the door. Start by asking a simple questions to all your new customers and prospects, "Who was it that referred you? We'd love to send them a thank you card." They will stop for a moment and then give you the name.

Every week try to backfill another 3-5 referral sources or more and soon you will see the number of referrals you are receiving rising as Rocket Referrals leverages the relationships with your top promoters more effectively! Your Net Promoter score will also rise as a result. As always, feel free to send us an email to help@rocketreferrals.com or call us at (888) 978-8325 if you ever need any help. You can also use the little green question mark icon in the top right of your Rocket Referrals account which will send a message to our support team.