Configuring the Web Service API

Go to your Setup tab and click on the integrations button

Click the 3 dots on the right of Vertafore and select Configure

Enter your Agency ID

If you are not using the hosted version of Vertafore you will need to contact your IT department to retrieve your Web Services Endpoint from them

In AMS360, click the Administration tab followed by Web Service API

Click new to start a new WSAPI

Fill out the following fields as directed:

Web Service Application: Custom
WSAPI Login ID: rocketreferrals
Password: (use the password given to you in the Rocket Referrals web page)
Data Security Based On: Entity Access Only
Entity Access: Check All

You will need to click add under the Web Service Application Authorization to add the WSAPI

Press the blue floppy disk icon in the top-left to save

Notification Service Setup

In the administration tab, click Notification Service Setup

Click new under Recipient Information

Fill out the following fields as directed

Notification Client: Rocket Referrals

Recipient Name: Rocket Referrals
Destination Address:
Authentication Code: (get this from the Rocket Referrals AMS Configure Web Page)
Notification Version: 2.0
Status: On

Notification Types:
Policy Transaction Premium. 

You will need to click add under the Recipient Information to add the notification service

Press the blue floppy disk icon in the top-left corner to save

Testing the connection

Press the Test Connection button

If successful, click Save

If an error returns with invalid password/username combination, try logging in and out of AMS360 as well as retyping both fields

Configuring your Integration

Select Sync Settings and configure your integration as desired

A. Policy Types
These are the types of policies that will be brought over

Example: If a customer only has a life policy and life is not checked, they will not be brought over.

B. Customer Status
This sets the criteria for what is considered an active customer or if you want to include prospects

Example: If a client is marked as a customer in AMS360, but has no active policies they will not be brought over.

C. Communications
Sets the account executive to be the primary contact for your customers (default is the account representative)

Example: If John Smith is the account executive and Jane Doe is the account representative, the communications coming out of Rocket Referrals will come from John Smith.

D. Contact Details
Indicates which area to pull information from

Example: Primarily, customer information is pulled from the customer overview screen, however, in the absence of information in the customer overview screen, we will try to pull information from the contact's screen. If you do not fill out the contact's screen, you may want to choose to ignore that screen entirely.

E. Include Contacts
Includes all customers that meet the above criteria and belong to these employees

Example: John Smith is the account executive for Mary and the account representative for Joey. Both Mary and Joey will be brought into Rocket Referrals.

F. Exclude Contacts
Will exclude contacts based on the account executive, account representative, or broker

Example: John Smith is the account executive for Mary and the account representative for Joey. We choose to exclude John Smith as an account executive. In this case, only Joey will be brought in.

Turn the AMS360 Integration switch in the On position and press Save.

Now that the integration is set up, you will need to enter the "Referred by" field in your Profile Questions area. This is how Rocket Referrals keeps track of referral information and we identify your most loyal customers. Click here to see how to set up the field and how to keep track of referral information.