After you get your reports built inside EZLynx, you will want to make sure that you are uploading these on a regular basis to ensure that Rocket Referrals has the most up-to-date information for your book of business. This guide will show you the steps for running these reports.

Grabbing the report from EZLynx

Log into EZLynx and select the Reports tab > Select "All Reports."

Select the saved report that you want to upload. With EZLynx, there are up to five reports to upload on a regular basis:

**Book of Business** (Book of Business reports) \- run weekly
**Spouse Name** (Applicant Reports) - run weekly
**Referrals** (Activity Reports) - run weekly
**Insured Birthdays** (Applicant Reports) - run at least monthly

Select the download icon in the top-right corner after opening your report. You do not need to click Save again, as the report is already saved for you.

Select "CSV" then click "Download." The report will then be downloaded onto your computer.

Open the report in Microsoft Excel. You will likely either see a pop-up window where you can click "Open":

Or a tab at the bottom of your screen, where you can click then click "Open."

When the report opens in Excel, click File then Save As. After clicking Save As, you can click Browse in order to open your computer's File Explorer. From here, you can select the folder you want to save your report into. (Tip: You will want to save it to a folder that you can find easily later - many users choose to save their reports onto their Desktop.)

Save the report as a .csv (comma delimited) file. (Tip: There is no need to put today's date in the file name - you can simply select your existing file and save over it. This will keep your file folders looking more neat!)

Uploading the report

Now you're ready to upload your file into Rocket Referrals. Many EZLynx customers like to upload their reports using E-Mail Import (click for more information. Otherwise, here is the standard way to upload the report:

Go to the Contacts tab and select "Import contacts" > "Upload new file."

Click "Select a file" and select your newly downloaded report.

After the file is checked, select "Next" to use the existing settings for that report type.

Rocket Referrals will check your report for errors. When it is done, select "Import Now."

Your file has now been imported and processed into Rocket Referrals! You will see an overview screen that looks something like this: