This article explains how to upload a previously-created report from Applied TAM into Rocket Referrals. If you still need to build this report, please reach out to your account manager so we can assist you through the process.

Select the Reports Tab.

Go to the User-Defined tab on the left side > select User Defined Searches and select your Rocket Referrals Book of Business report. The report could also be called something like "RR BOB report", "RR Client List", "RR Personal", "RR Commercial", or "RR Combined Report." The report you're looking for could also be in User Defined Reports rather than User Defined Searches.

Under the Output Destination select "Excel-Raw Data" and press the Run button on the top left corner.

Select "Send output to existing file" and select your previous report file from the list, then click OK. This is done to reduce clutter on your computer. However, you can feel free to select "send output to a new file name" as well.

Once done copying, press Yes to load the excel file. Once the file has downloaded and opened on your desktop, save it to your computer by clicking File > Save in Excel.


Go into Rocket Referrals > Contacts Tab > press the green Import Contacts dropdown > Upload a New File. Once the file is checked, press the Next button and use the previous settings to initiate the upload.

You should see a message below that says "Looks like we can save you some time! Apply the settings from a prior import and skip matching fields."

If you see a screen that looks like this instead, make sure you're uploading the correct file. If you've double-checked that already, reach out to an account manager so we can assist you.

After the file is done checking, click Import Now.

Your file has now been imported and processed into Rocket Referrals! You will see an overview screen that looks something like this: