Downloading an EZLynx Report

Occasionally, EZLynx reports will default back to their original fields and the report will need to be recreated. Please reach out to the account management team at Rocket Referrals to help you rebuild the reports.

Select My Savedl Reports from the left-nav menu

Find and select the desired report

The reports are named or are similar to the following: RR BOB [Date], RR Spouses [Date], RR Birthdays [Date], RR Referrals [Date]

Click the download button in the top-right

Uploading an EZLynx Report

Select the Contacts tab from the left-nav menu

Select Import Contacts and click Upload file

Select the report from your computer

Rocket Referrals will check the file for any potential errors that will prevent the file from importing

If you see the screen below, STOP! and call the Rocket Referrals account management team for assistance: (888) 978-8325

Select the most recent file mapping and click Next

Click import now

Repeat these steps for the following reports as needed:

RR Spouses [date]
RR Birthdays [date]
RR Referrals [date]