Rocket Referrals makes it extremely easy to get started with an effective referral strategy by offering a Trial Plan to new users. The Trial Plan includes:

10,000 contacts
Multiple users

Email Communication including:
Net Promoter Score Surveys
Testimonial Requests
Custom Emails

Limited Physical Communication including:
Thank You Cards
Welcome Cards
Loyalty Cards
Custom Cards

Limited functionality of Smart Referral Algorithm
Business NPS calculation
Social Media Integration

With the Trial Plan, users have the ability to import all of their contacts into Rocket Referrals or sync their management system and begin seeing results right away. The Smart Referral Algorithm will run in the background to schedule communication aimed at identifying promoters and encouraging referrals.

After initial communication is approved you will begin to see new client data populate inside Rocket Referrals - including Survey Responses & Testimonials.

Net Promoter Score and comments arrive daily. You can view specific customer comments by clicking on each response individually.

Most users receive several testimonials within the first week of using the Trial Plan. They will be collected automatically after you import your contact list and approve survey requests.

Rocket Referrals will continually update your Net Promoter Score and display it on the Dashboard. Expect this number to fluctuate daily as more survey responses are collected.

The Smart Referral Algorithm will schedule first-class mail to be sent to users designed to encourage them to refer. In order to send the scheduled cards you must either select a paid plan that includes cards or add additional cards to the account.

Rocket Referrals will also begin right away to gather Likes, Comments, and Recommendations for your business on Facebook. Simply add your company Facebook Page under Social Networks inside Rocket Referrals and watch them come in automatically.