Rocket Referrals schedules a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to your current clients every 6 months. The NPS will give you an instant picture of who your promoters are and how you compare as a company to the rest of the industry in customer loyalty.

This quick metric asks your customers to score you on a scale from 0-10 on their likelihood to recommend you to a friend or family member. The customer’s response is recorded and used by the Smart Referral Algorithm when scheduling communication.

Rocket Referrals will ask a follow up question – dynamic based on their response – aimed at collecting detailed information on a client’s rating.

For example, customers rating your business highly will be asked for specifics on why they are happy with you and asked if they will share the reasons with others. Those customers rating you low, however, will be asked to give reasons of their dissatisfaction.
All scores and responses will be recorded at an individual level for each client are viewable under the Surveys tab in Rocket Referrals. In addition, positive comments that a customer agrees to share publicly will show up under the Testimonials tab.

The NPS will be also calculated for the business and displayed on the Dashboard.

Example NPS Survey:

Example NPS Followup Question:

Example Survey Responses: