Step 1: Input your company information

This information will be used for any correspondence sent on behalf of the company. Therefore it is important that the information is entered correctly and in the way you would like it to be viewed by your customers.

Begin by going to and clicking Sign Up. Enter your information to create an account.
Click on the Setup tab in the upper right hand corner
Click on the Edit Company Button

From here enter your:

Company Name
Primary Email
Phone number
Fax number
Your Address

Select a handwriting style that you would like to be associated with the Company. If correspondence is sent on behalf of the company it will be delivered in whatever style you select here. You may also select a handwriting style for each individual User (or agent). Written communication will be associated to either your company or specific user profile, depending on how you configure each contact. Rocket Referrals comes with several different stock handwritings to choose from! You can see examples here. We also have the ability of adding custom handwritings.

Add your company logo:

You will then want to add your company logo. It is important that you use use a high quality image because it will appear in correspondence via email and also printed on the back of all cards sent on your behalf
To do this push the Select Image button
Select the logo and push okay
After you are finished editing the company profile it is important that you push the Save button before continuing to the next steps.

Add Users

From the Setup Screen, scroll down to the bottom of the screen where it says 'Users'.
Click on your User Profile and complete your information. This will become the signature line information for future emails sent using Rocket Referrals.
The Employee ID field should be a unique code or identifier (like your name) that will let us know which contacts are associated with you. This will ensure that all communication sent to a client comes from the correct User.
Once you've completed your profile, go back the the Setup > User and select Add user. Continue adding users until all your team is accounted for.
Email Notifications can be set per user. Administrators by default are set to receive all updates. If the "Notifications regarding all contacts" is turned off, but the other switches left of, a user will only get updates when an alert occurs with one of their clients.
Make sure to click the blue Save button to save your progress.

Import contacts

The import should be performed for new users to add their existing clients. The same process will be repeated regularly (we recommend once a week) to ensure that Rocket Referrals has the most up-to-date information for its Smart Referral Algorithm.

There are two ways to import your clients into Rocket Referrals.

By importing an Excel CSV file – OR –
Linking directly with your CRM or Management System

We currently support direct integration with the following platforms: (click for setup instructions)

QQ Catalyst Agency Management System
AMS 360
We also can receive nightly imports via a scheduled email import.

The following instructions are for importing Excel and comma delimited files (XLS, XLSX, and CSV)

Begin by clicking on the Contacts tab at the top of the screen
From here click on the Import Contacts button > Upload New File
Next click on the Select File button
Rocket Referrals will accept both Excel and CSV files. For Excel files make sure that all contacts appear on the first sheet of file

Click on the desired file and push okay
Your file will automatically be downloaded and proofed
The system will ask you what type of contacts you are importing
Rocket Referrals will vary the communication it schedules depending on the type of contact you import
We recommend adding your current and or prior customers to get full use of the Referral Algorithm for scheduling all types of communication
Click next to continue
You will be asked to match your data against the fields available in Rocket Referrals
There is often data that is not necessary for Rocket Referrals to operate. Only primary information is reported in the system
Simply ignore the excess fields and adjust any headings if required
You can also quickly ensure you've mapped the fields correctly by viewing the field headings in the file by clicking the back button next to preview records
One of the most important fields is the account Id this is how we will match up contacts in future imports
Next click Preview Import to view how the contacts will be displayed in Rocket Referrals
If they are displayed correctly click Finish
Your files will now be automatically imported and you are finished

Review communication templates

By default, Rocket Referrals is stocked with several templates for each type of communication. The copy is designed to work with a long term referral strategy and uses psychology proven to facilitate positive word of mouth.

Rocket Referrals offers you complete control of selecting desired templates and editing and creating new communication templates for your business.

See the different types of communication we send

The templates work best when tailored to your industry and business - therefore Included with any subscription to Rocket Referrals is the service of working with you over phone and or email to quickly design the best communication templates for your business.

To review and adjust your communication templates

Begin by clicking on the Setup tab on the top navigation bar
Click on the Templates button
Displayed at the left you will see links to each type of communication Rocket Referrals offers. By clicking on the link you will be brought to the templates that are currently available
Quickly preview the templates by clicking on the preview button
The templates are defaulted to be sent from each Customer’s primary point of contact
Your company logo and contact information will also be displayed on some of the communication types
The template currently in use for your company will have a small check mark next to it
To change the default template for your company click on the Use This One Button
After you set the desired templates click on the Save button and they will be set

Approve / send communication

Following the initial import of your contacts Rocket Referrals will begin to schedule communication on your behalf. The Smart Referral Algorithm analyzes your contacts to uncover your promoters which are identified by a star next to the contact name.

Rocket Referrals sends personalized communication to your clients on your behalf in order to:

Collect data – including Net Promoter Score – to better identify clients likely to refer
Encourage refers with cards sent first-class mail using proven psychology and our proprietary handwriting technology
Gather feedback and data about your business to identify specific customer issues and trends
Collect testimonials for your business
Gain you popularity with social networks including Facebook likes, comments, and shares

Scheduled communication will automatically populate as the Smart Referral Algorithm continually analyzes your customer base. As default for new subscriptions Autopilot is switched off (located under Configure Engine). Therefore communication must be approved by the user before it is sent.

In order to approve communication to be sent on your behalf:

Begin by clicking on the Communications Tab on the top navigation bar
From here you will go to the Must Approve list
You can filter by primary contact or by type.
If you'd like to approve all communications Rocket Referrals generates and suggests, press the blue Approve All button in the top right corner
If you would prefer to go page by page, click on the box next to each piece of communication you would like to approve or click on the box next to Type to select all items on that page.
Click on the Approve Selected button at the top right corner of the page
The approved communication is now scheduled and will be sent to your customers at a time that yields the highest response rates and effectiveness

If you would like help with the initial set up or uploading your report, we are glad to walk you through the steps. You can schedule a time with one of our support team by clicking here. You can also call us at (888) 978-8325 or email