Select the Testimonials tab from the left-nav menu

Click a testimonial that you want to share

Click on the View Shareable Testimonial button

Click the Share button

This article will use Facebook as the example

Click the social media site that you want to share the testimonial to

This will open a pop-up window and prompt you to login to the social media site you chose

Once logged in, select Share on a Page You Manage from the top-left dropdown menu (Facebook only)

If you are an admin of multiple pages, make sure that the correct page is selected

Click Post to Facebook

For the best results, pick a day of the week such as "Testimonial Tuesday" and pick 1 or 2 of your best testimonials and add a personal touch by adding a nice message referencing the testimonial your client left. If the client likes your Facebook page, tag them in the post as well for even more engagement.