Rocket Referrals gives you the ability to create custom lists. These lists give you the ability to focus on special segments of your customers (e.g. High Net Worth, monolines, or upcoming renewals) Then, you can schedule communication at opportune times throughout the year.  These additional touchpoints aid in cross-selling opportunities, renewals and staying top-of-mind with your clients. 

Sending a renewal email

Step 1:  Begin on your Contacts tab and select New Contact List

Step 2:  Name your list and set the following criteria:

The contact must:

match all of the following

Contact type > Equals > Customer

The contact must have:

More than > 0  products that > match all of the following

Product Inactive On > Less than days from now > 31 

Product Inactive On > More than days from now  > 0

Product Status > Equals > Active

Tip: The options Less than days from now = 31 and More than days from now = 0 sets the range for the next month's renewals. This creates a rolling, dynamic list. If you came back 30 days from now the list would show the following month's renewals. You can adjust the date range based on when you'd like to send communication. For example, if you'd like to send a card or email 30 days before the month of their renewal, simply adjust the Less than days from now to 61 and More than days from now to 30. 

Clicking the boxes entitled Don't add additional contacts to this list after its been created and Don't remove a contact from this list after they have been added to this list at the top of the screen will lock this list into place and prevent it from updating with new people. This can be useful when creating a fixed list (e.g. March 2018 renewals). 

Step 3:  You are now ready to Send communication

Select whether you'd like to send an email or card

Step 4:  Type your renewal email, select who it will be coming from and preview it. 

Here is a sample renewal email:

Hey {{ contact.firstname }},

How's life been treating you? We'd love to catch up!

We should chat and make sure you have the right coverage and are getting the best rates possible. Shoot us an email or give us a quick call once you receive your policy renewal. We're really looking forward to it!


These emails will default to come from the primary contact person assigned in Rocket Referrals, but you can select that they all come from a specified individual or the company. 

Step 5:  Select the date you'd like the email to arrive. 

You can schedule these emails for immediate delivery or ahead of time. Scheduling ahead of time for future month's renewals may give time for the client to reach out before their renewal.

Rocket Referrals attempts to validate all email addresses on the list prior to sending. If any invalid emails are found, you will be able to view them before sending. 

Sending a renewal card

Select your custom list from your Contacts page. Click Send Communications. Then, select cards. 

Step 1:  Design your card

You can type a message on the front as you see below (e.g. Lets Meet!). You can also choose from our library of existing designs or you can upload your own custom image to the front of the card (make sure to keep designs in the suggested dimensions). The back of the card will use your logo by default unless you upload a custom image. The inside top of the card can also be edited to provide a customized call to action. 

Step 2:  Write your card's message

Try to make this sound informal and conversational. This should feel to the client like a card you would have written by hand. It may be helpful to actually write down what you would normally say before typing it in. Think about the action you want the client to take when they receive the card. Would you like a call or email from the client? If so, make sure you put in a clear call-to-action along with your phone or email.  Feel free to use the wording below as a guide. 

Step 3:  Select the date you'd like the card to arrive. 

You can schedule these cards ahead of time for future month's renewals.  

Rocket Referrals validates all mailing addresses on the list prior to sending. If any invalid addresses are found, you will be able to view them before sending. 

If you have any questions about building a custom list or sending communication feel free to reach out to us at of schedule a time with us using the schedule a call link at the bottom of the page when logged in to your Rocket Referrals account.