Within Rocket Referrals, you are able to create custom lists based on selected criteria. This article shows you how to build a list of conference attendees you'd like to stay in touch with. See the example below on how to create a custom list, add people to it and schedule communication.

Step 1: Add custom contact field. 

Go to your Setup Tab, click Custom Fields. Add a Custom Field like the one you see in the second image below. When Rocket Referrals processes your spreadsheet upload, it will look for the custom field in a row marked "Conference Attendee".  If there is a "Yes" listed then it will know that individual belongs on the list we are going to build. 

Step 2: Add your conference attendees to Rocket Referrals. 

You are now ready to add your conference attendees to Rocket Referrals.

If your conference attendees were predominantly prospects, you can export a list of those prospects from your management system or CRM. Alternately, you could build a spreadsheet with each attendees: account number, full name, address line 1, address line 2, city, state, zip, email and a column titled Conference Attendee (see below).  

Follow the same process if the attendees were professional contacts (such as a BNI Marketing group). Follow these steps to add your professional contacts to Rocket Referrals. Whether professional contacts or prospects, uploading a file is the same. Simply designate the contact type after you've uploaded your file and before you process it. You can also take the business cards you've collected and add each one manually to Rocket Referrals (follow these steps for the manual upload process.

See image below with the "Match your data with our fields" to see how to map your prospect file after uploading.

Step 3: Build your Attendee list.

Go to Contacts > New contact list. Name your list and chose a list color. 

Select the following list requirements from the drop down menus: 

Contact must > Match all of the following

Conference attendee > Equals > Yes 

If this list is a static list (like a one-time event), click the checkboxes highlighted below. This will lock-in the list of attendees to the original uploaded members and they won't be removed in the future. If you plan on adding prospects from future events to this list you can keep those unchecked.  

For those who have manually uploaded clients individually : Search for your attendees. Click on their profile.

( If you've uploaded a report with the custom field "Conference Attendee" marked 'YES' skip the step below)_

Click on the Lists tab in their profile. Add the contact to the list using the drop down menu. 

Step 4:  Send Communication to your attendees. 

Go to Contacts > Click on your new list. 

Click "Send communication"

Select the type of communication you'd like to send. You will need to do this one type at a time. (Tip: Some chose to send attendees a card immediately following the seminar and then send an email 30-60 days later).

Sending Cards
Select which user the card will come from.

Select your card cover front. You can add text, choose a cover from our design library or upload a custom image of your design.  

_Select any custom imagery for the back of card (we use your logo by default).

Select imagery for the inside top flap of the card. You may add text, a custom image, coupon, or other call to action on the inside top flap of the card. _

_Select custom message for the inside of the card. Insert any contact information relevant to the call to action you'd like them to take (e.g. email, phone number)

Click 'Next' when ready to send. _

Schedule the day you'd like your cards to arrive. Rocket Referrals will validate all your mailing addresses with the USPS and provide a list of any invalid mailing address and a cost to send the cards. You may chose to use your available cards or purchase additional for this specific mailing. 

Sending Emails

Return to your list and Click "Send communication"

Select which user the email will come from (it will default to the recipient's primary contact. If no primary contact has been associated with the prospect or professional contact, then it will default to the company's profile info unless directed otherwise). 

Schedule the day you'd like your emails to arrive.

Rocket Referrals will validate all your email addresses to ensure that your emails are deliverable. Any invalid emails will be provided to you. 

Step 5: View scheduled communication or return and continue editing your "Works in progress"

This process can be repeated when building other types of lists. If you have any questions about building a list feel free to email your account rep at support@rocketreferrals.com.