Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select 'Manage Account’
Under the Manage Templates section, select ‘Custom Export Templates’
In the upper right, select the blue ‘new’ button
Name this custom export as Rocket Referrals
Select the following criteria:

-Company Name
-First Name
-Last Name
-Client Since
-Client Termination Date
-Date of Birth
-Referred By
-Writing Advisor
-Spouse First Name
-Spouse Last Name
-Spouse Nickname
-Spouse Date of Birth
-Mobile and/or Home Phone
-Home Address and/or Mailing Address
-Primary Email

Click green ‘save’ button in upper right
Navigate to Contacts section on left side panel
Filter contacts as such:

Contact  |  Status  |  Equal to  |  Active

a. Then, click ‘run’
b. Check the box to the left of NAME in the search results area to select all contacts, then select hyperlink (highlighted in blue area) that says “Select all ### contacts”
c. Then, on the white ‘contact options’ drop-down, select Custom Exports

From the Custom Export Template drop-down, select the Rocket Referrals template and click ‘run custom export’
After this, click your name in the upper right corner again, and select ‘Manage Account'
Under the Admins Only section, select the Dropbox Files & Database Backups link
Download the report and save in a .csv format
Upload report to Rocket Referrals and map each Rocket Referrals field to the following:

Organization name — Business name
First Name — First Name
Last Name — Last Name
Nickname — Nickname
Customer since date — Client Since
Termination date — Client Termination Date
Birthday — Date of Birth
Referred by — Referred By
Company primary contact — Writing Advisor
Spouse first name — Spouse First Name
Spouse last name — Spouse Last Name
Spouse nickname — Spouse Nickname
Spouse birthday — Spouse Date of Birth
Phone — Phone
Email — Email

Reports will automatically pull with a customer id or account id number, so you will not need to grab these.