To enter a referral in QQ Catalyst, go to your QQ Catalyst account > Press Contacts > select the contact you wish to add a referral source. There are two methods for tracking referrals in QQ:

Tracking Clients & Prospect referrals

When on the customer or prospect's profile, scroll down to Linked Accounts > press Edit. Next to the magnifying glass, type in the name of the client who made the referral until their profile appears. Select their name.

In the Relationship field, type Referred By. This sets the status of the Linked account to say that James Longfellow was Referred By Ryan Johnson.

This is the preferred method as it avoids any potential misspellings or confusion  (e.g. two clients share the same name).  Many states require that if you are including a gift card inside a Thank you card that you need to do so for both clients & prospects alike. Using the Linked Accounts feature in QQ, is the only way to ensure Thank You cards go to referral sources associated with Prospects.  

Tracking referrals from Professional Contacts & Centers of Influence

When on the customers profile, scroll down to Account Information > press Edit.

In the Customer Source dropdown select Referral > enter the name of the Professional Contact or Center of Influence who made the referral in the Source Detail field > press Save.

Ensure the name entered in Source Detail matches exactly the referral source's full name as it is spelled in their contacts profile in Rocket Referrals. You will want to add that professional contact together with their address, email and assign their primary contact person in Rocket Referrals.

These referral's will populate in Rocket Referrals overnight when QQ Catalyst syncs. If there is ever a misspelling or other issue matching a referral source, Rocket Referrals will prompt a Referral Match request when logged into your account on your Contacts page.