Rocket Referrals has built integration for insurance agencies using the QQ Catalyst agency management system. This integration allows all contact information to updated automatically in Rocket Referrals while never leaving QQ Catalyst.

Linking Rocket Referrals with QQ Catalyst requires the following initial setup:

Click on the Setup tab on the upper navigation bar
Next click on Integration Settings under your company info
From here click on the button Link QQ Catalyst
You will be brought to the QQ Catalyst Login Screen
Enter your login credentials and click Log in
You will be asked to authorize access of Rocket Referrals to your QQ Catalyst
Push yes to authorize access and to enable the transfer of information
Your contacts will automatically begin to populate in your Contacts within Rocket Referrals
You can click on Contacts and watch as they continue to import
Depending on the amount of contacts you have it could take several minutes until the initial import is completed

You may also click on a contact and view Customer details. Because QQ Catalyst is now completely integrated you will be able to view contact information directly from Rocket Referrals.

Rocket Referrals will also import employees information from your agency and display them in your Setup tab under Users

Changes to contacts within QQ Catalyst are regularly updated within Rocket Referrals allowing for complete integration as you put your referral strategy on autopilot.

Rocket Referrals will continue to pull data from QQ Catalyst for the duration of the integration. This includes both clients and current users (agents). Therefore you want to make sure that the desired phone number is pulled from QQ Catalyst and sent to Rocket Referrals. For example, some agencies have the agent's cellphone number entered into QQ Catalyst, but want the office number used for communication with Rocket Referrals.

Rocket Referrals will always pull the Primary Phone from the Basic Contact details. To make sure the desired phone number is selected > Search for the Employee - Edit Basic Contact Details - Enter desired phone number and set to Primary. This will be the phone number Rocket Referrals uses for future communication assigned to a specific agent.