Getting there

Select the Settings tab on the left-nav menu

Select the Buy more dropdown and click Handwritten cards

Card Options

Monthly Subscription
Great for a company who sends out cards consistently every month

The monthly subscription is an agreement between your company and Rocket Referrals that you guarantee to send out the amount of cards deposited for that month allowing you to get the best possible price on cards when you guarantee to send a specific amount each month. Cards left over do not carryover and your balance will reset to the amount you've purchased for each month.

Monthly card subscription plans available:

Every plan comes with 20 free monthly cards

Anytime Cards (bulk purchase)
Great for supplementing an existing monthly subscription, inconsistent communication, or mass mailing.

Anytime cards do not expire and serve as a supplemental balance to your monthly subscription.

Monthly cards are used first followed by anytime cards

Anytime card plans available:

Card calculator

On the card pricing page, select Calculate your card usage

Enter in values

Rocket Referrals will try to calculate average values based off of the data points coming from your management system