Rocket Referrals handwritten cards are like nothing else out there. Sending them helps improve client retention. Plus, they'll inspire your best clients to refer you or write reviews. You can even add a gift card, too.

In this article, we'll show you how to purchase handwritten cards through your account and explain the difference between a monthly subscription and Anytime Cards.

Where to go to buy cards.

Select Settings on the left-nav menu.

Select Buy more and click Handwritten cards from the drop-down menu.

Card options

You're able to choose between a Monthly subscription and Anytime Cards.

Monthly subscription
This is the best option for when you want to send communications regularly. You commit to buy and send a set amount of cards every month and you’re guaranteed a much lower price compared to Anytime or individual cards. However, cards do not carry over from month to month.

Monthly card subscription plans available:

Every plan comes with 20 free monthly cards.

Anytime Cards
These are one-time, bulk package purchases. They’re a good choice if you only plan to send occasional communications since you can use them any time. When Anytime Cards are used up, we don’t replenish them automatically.

Monthly cards are used first followed by anytime cards.

Anytime card plans available:

Card calculator

On the card pricing page, select Calculate your card usage.

Enter the quantity of cards you will be using.

Our system will auto-populate values based on the data points coming from your management system.