Rocket Referrals uses unparalleled handwriting technology to provide your best customers with superior cards sent to their home via first class mail.

Recommendations for sending handwritten cards happens automatically within Rocket Referrals, but you must have a positive card balance for them to be mailed to your recipients.

Under the setup tab you will see 3 different card balances: Monthly Cards, Anytime Cards, & Gift Cards.

Monthly card credit

This is credit added to your account every month by way of Pro Plan subscriptions and additional Card Subscriptions.

Pro Plan subscriptions include 20 monthly cards every month

Additional card subscriptions are included as monthly cards

Cards sent throughout the month will be deducted from this amount before anytime cards

At the end of the month any unused monthly cards will reset as they do not roll over

Anytime card credit

This credit remains in your account until used. Think of it as an auxiliary balance to cover you when monthly cards are used up.

Individual and bulk card purchases are included as anytime cards

Anytime cards never expire

Anytime cards are only used after monthly cards are all gone

Gift card credit

This is the reservoir that holds your gift card credit before being divvied out to individual handwritten cards. We only include a \[3% plus 30-cents\] surcharge each time you add to this balance (to cover our transaction fees).

Never expires

Automatically deducted from after sending individual gift cards

Rocket Referrals Professional Plans include 20 monthly handwritten cards per month. Many times our clients require more cards each month to fulfill the communication suggestions by Rocket Referrals. In this case, you may add additional monthly cards or purchase a bulk lot of anytime cards.

To add cards to your account go to the setup tab and click on ‘Buy More’ dropdown and select Handwritten cards. From here, you have the option of adding a monthly subscription, adding cards individually (anytime), or buying them in bulk (anytime).

To get an idea of how many cards you’ll need each month we've added the ‘Calculate Card Usage’ button, which can be used to view the projected card usage by communication type.

To purchase cards for your account, click on Set Up tab on the top of the screen. Then, click the Buy More dropdown and select Handwritten cards. The pricing will be determined by the number of cards you purchase.

New monthly card subscriptions are treated as separate subscriptions for billing purposes – meaning you can upgrade, cancel, add to, etc. They will also adhere to a monthly billing cycle starting with the day you purchase them – rather than falling in line with your monthly Rocket Referrals subscription.

To check the status of your subscriptions, click on the ‘Change Plan’ button located on the Setup Tab. It will show you the renewal date for your Rocket Referrals account and any additional card subscriptions.

Subscription and Bulk Pricing