Sharing your client testimonials with the public is a great way of garnering social proof and encouraging prospects to trust your company. In addition to publishing them on your website, sharing them on social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn is easy to do through Rocket Referrals.

Note: Rocket Referrals is designed to automatically ask your clients to share their testimonials on their Facebook page. This happens immediately after they give their testimonial. This article explains how you, the business, can share client testimonials on your business Facebook page or other social media profile.

We suggest that, when posting to social media, you share a mix of testimonials and other posts - like company updates, local news, profound thoughts, etc. A good rule of thumb is to share a testimonial every other day, but this could be more or less depending on how active you are on social media. You should shoot for diversity with your posts - this begets humility but also highlights your client praise.

There are two ways you can share your testimonials on social media. The first is by using the share button, and the second is by using the unique URL (micro site) we create for each of your testimonials. Below explains how to do both.

Begin by clicking on the Testimonials tab at the top of your Rocket Referrals account. From here choose the testimonial you want to share on social media and click on it.

From here click on the View Shareable Testimonial button.**

Click on the Share button and choose the social media platform you want to share the testimonial on and click on it. We suggest you share testimonials on all your social media accounts. You could share the same testimonial on all of them, or share different testimonials, either way will be effective. We suggest to share your best testimonials first and share them across multiple social media profiles.

Note: If you are having difficulty locating the Share button or something isn't working correctly, it may be that your internet browser is out of date (this happens often on Microsoft's Internet Explorer). We suggest using an updated version of Google Chrome.

If you are sharing the testimonial on Facebook, then you'll need to make sure that you share it on your company page rather than your personal Facebook Page. Because the two are linked you'll need to select the dropdown box as shown below and select "Share on a Page you manage" and select your company.

Say something positive in the comments, like "Thanks for the great testimonial, Mark" and make it personal and apparent that you appreciate your clients. Prospects like to feel like they will receive this same personal treatment if they come on board. Click "Post to Facebook"

That's it! Your client testimonial is now posted to your social media page.

The second way you can share your client testimonial on social media is by utilizing the custom URL we provide. View the Shareable testimonial the same way as before, but instead of clicking on the Share button, highlight the URL at the top of the page, copy it, and paste it directly into the share box of any social media platform.

This will prompt the platform to give a preview of the custom testimonial page. After this happens you can delete the URL and enter a comment saying thanks. This will have the same effect as using the Share button but is more versatile. Enjoy!