Rocket Referrals will send first-class mail on your behalf using our proprietary handwriting technology on Mohawk 110 lb cover stock cards. All cards include first-class stamps and come printed with your company logo and personalized message - depending on the communication type.

Like email communication, the cards will be sent to your clients via Rocket Referrals on your behalf. Therefore they will arrive in your client’s mailbox with the company or user name identified as the sender.

Within each template you have the option of setting the cards to be sent from:

The customer’s primary contact
The company
A specific user

This allows you to customize the sender of each piece of communication. For example, you could set welcome cards to always come from the president of the company - or set thank you cards to come from the customer’s primary contact.

Here is an example of a return address of a card sent from your company

Here is an example of a return address of a card sent from a specific user

All physical communication is based on templates that are set for each communication type. However, both templates and individual correspondence can be edited to allow for further personalization by the user.

Each subscription of Rocket Referrals differs on the amount of cards allocated on a monthly basis. Additional information on card prices and subscriptions is available in your account under your setup tab > plan information > buy more drop down > handwritten cards. See below.