Online Review Request

Rocket Referrals will automatically collect online reviews from your most loyal clients across multiple third-party review sites; including Google and Facebook. This functionality greatly enhances online reputation as well as aids in local search engine optimization (SEO).

Rocket Referrals will recommend online review requests to be sent to clients that have indicated themselves as promoters (those scoring 9-10 on the survey request), with particular focus on clients that have previously provided a positive testimonial. By targeting only loyal clients, Rocket Referrals encourages only positive reviews on behalf of the business.

The client will receive an email similar to the one below. As with any piece of communication, this template can be modified by the business.

After the client clicks the “Review Us Here” link they will be brought to a custom webpage branded on behalf of the business.

This webpage allows the client to easily copy their previous testimonial and click on a button to be redirected to the third party review site to leave their review. They will also be shown other testimonials clients have given, as well the option to be directed to a different review site if desired.

Rocket Referrals preforms an algorithm in the background to suggest the review site that will yield the highest click through rate, as well as fit into the overall strategy of the business. This incorporates such things as analyzing which review site is preferred on behalf of the business, the amount of reviews on each review site, as well as the operating platform of the client (mobile vs desktop) to provide the best overall experience.

Online Review Requests are automated by Rocket Referrals and will need to be switched on similar to any other piece of communication. You do this in the Setup Tab.

However, prior to turning Online Review Request on, make sure your review sites are set up properly by following the steps below.


Locate the Review Sites section on the Setup Tab. Here you will be able to set up your review sites, as well as keep track of your progress. Each time a client clicks to leave you a review it will be recorded by Rocket Referrals and displayed underneath Clicks.

Please note that Rocket Referrals is only able to track the amount of clicks a business receives and not actual reviews given. Although we make it very simple for clients to follow through with leaving a review, there are instances whey they may click on the link and not leave a review. This being the case, the number of clicks does not always align with actual number of reviews given.

From the Review Sites section click on the Edit Sites button.

This control panel is where you will add the preferred websites you would like your business to be reviewed on. You are able to choose between Google and Facebook, as well as add any other custom review sites.

The Priority heading is where you can choose which review sites you prefer to be reviewed on. Rocket Referrals automatically cycles between the different active review sites and this preference is used to give more weight to a particular site. You can select your preference by clicking on the blue arrows underneath Priority to move a site up or down on a list.

To set up each review site you will need to click on Google, Facebook, or the Add Site button for a custom review site.

Best practices suggest inputting Google and Facebook at a minimum. Custom review sites are optional, and should be used primarily by businesses with a significant amount of clients. This will aid in online review diversity and widen your reach online.


Google is perhaps the most significant website to host online reviews, particularly within service based industries. 68% of online searches in the U.S. happens on Google. If you’re looking to become discovered on the internet, than Google is the best place to start.

Rocket Referrals is integrated with Google to allow businesses to quickly search for their listing. Begin by entering the name of your business in the search box. If you do not immediately see your listing, than include the name of the city where your business is located as well, e.g. “Rocket Referrals Des Moines”.

There are instances when you still may not see your listing. This could be for several reasons. First, make sure that you are in fact listed on Google. Perform a regular Google search for your business and look for a local business listing. If your business is not listed or you have not yet claimed it online then you may need to Verify your Local Business on Google.

Assuming you have already claimed your listing, you will want to make sure that your contact information is correct. There are instances when a business address is incorrect or incomplete, so Google is unable to locate it. Double check this by viewing your Google listing and comparing the address against your actual physical address.

After you locate your business click the Active switch to ON. Push the Save button and return to the Edit Sites screen. From here click on the Desktop and Mobile links underneath Test. You should see a screen similar the image below. Your clients will be brought directly to this screen where they can leave you a star rating on Google and follow it up with a positive comment.


In addition to a social media platform, Facebook is becoming a resource for people to explore local businesses. They have added the functionality of leaving official reviews for a business’ official Facebook Page.

Therefore, it is important for businesses to improve their reputation on Facebook, and encouraging loyal clients to provide reviews is a critical element of this strategy.

Setup your Facebook online reviews with Rocket Referrals by clicking on Facebook located on the Edit Sites page.

Rocket Referrals will ask you to provide your Page ID. This can be found by visiting your business’ Facebook page and copying the latter half of the URL which includes a unique identifier. See the example below on how to locate the custom Page ID and input it directly into Rocket Referrals.

Set the Active switch to ON and push the Save button at the top. Return to the Edit Sites page and test the desktop and mobile pages for Facebook. You should see a screen similar to the one below. This is where clients will be directed so they can leave a review directly on the Facebook Review Page.

If either of the tests are unsuccessful it is likely that your contact information is not accurate within Facebook. Return to your Facebook Business account and make sure that your contact information is entered correctly so that you can be found and reviewed locally.

Custom Review Site

There are instances when a business will operate within an industry where websites outside of Google and Facebook are used to provide online reviews. Common examples are the Better Business Bureau, Capterra, Angie’s List, etc. Rocket Referrals includes the ability to ask loyal clients for reviews on any online review site.

To add a custom review site, click on the Add Site button within the Edit Sites page.

From here you will name the Review site and enter the unique URLs for both the website and mobile pages. You can locate the unique URL by going to the review site on a desktop computer and locating the final page where the client will be prompted to leave an online review. From here copy the URL and paste it directly into the URL field in Rocket Referrals. See the example below.

Most of the time the desktop URL and Mobile URL will be identical. You can check this by visiting the same review page on a mobile device, copying the URL, and inputting this inside the Mobile URL field.

Setting Communication

The final step is to turn the Online Review Requests on, so that they can be scheduled by Rocket Referrals. Do this by returning to the Setup page and clicking on Edit Communications within the Communications section. From here you will set Online reviews to ON. You may also use the Settings button if you would like to only send review requests to the primary contact of an organization.

Push the Save button and Online Review Requests will schedule automatically.

Universal Review Link

If a business would like to gather online reviews outside of Rocket Referrals they are able to use the Universal Review Link provided within the Review Sites box on the Setup page.

A common use for the Universal Review Link would be on a business website or email signature with a button or hyperlink titled “Review us here” or “Leave a review”.

This URL uses the same algorithm as the Online Review Requests in determining the optimum review site to send the user to. It will automatically cycle between the preferred review sites and provide a simple and user friendly interface.

Utilize this feature by clicking on the Universal Review Link button and copying the URL displayed. You have the freedom of using this URL within any email, website, or social media profile.