First things first! We need to upload a new file just like before. But now you will choose import type(customer, prior customer) later in the process. After your upload finishes you will automatically be sent to the next step.

 - Upload your import file

Next you will give your import a name and pick what type of contacts you will be importing. We will now save your previous mappings and naming it will allow you to easily find the correct previous mapping in the future.

- Give your file a descriptive name, select your import type and click next.

(Optional) If you are importing from a management system we recognize we will allow you to select a pre-created mapping for your convenience.

- Select the existing common mapping you'd like to use, or select manual if you wish to map the file yourself and click next.

Map the file. This works exactly like before.

- Set any advanced settings if you need to use them, map every field you wish to set in Rocket Referrals, and then click next.

(Optional) If you do not map account numbers we will warn you and allow you to use other fields to match on (e.g. email) or give you the option to go back and map account numbers.

- Select the matching option you would like to use, and select the 'I understand' box and click next.
- Or go back and map account numbers

Rocket Referrals will now analyze your file to determine how many contacts will be added, updated, or removed. At anytime if things don't look quite right you can click go back and return to the mapping screen to fix any issues. We will also warn you if your import will add, update, or remove a lot of contacts. If things look good, or you intend to change a lot of contacts you can confirm and click next.

Additionally, you can skip this step (we only recommend this if you've used this import mapping many times in the past and are sure it is correct) by turning OFF Safe Import and clicking next.

- Watch progress and ensure import is adding, updating and removing the correct amount of contacts. (If not, go back and fix mapping)
- Optionally, you can turn Safe Import OFF and continue to the import step (only recommended if you have done previous imports with this mapping and are certain it is correct).

Once you have clicked next (either after waiting for the analyzation step, or by skipping with Safe Import OFF) your import will proceed and finish. You can continue to watch its progress on this screen or leave and do other things.

- Import will begin and complete on its own
- Monitor its progress on this screen or you can leave

The next time you import a file with the same headers as this import you will be able to select it and proceed directly to the mapping screen with all your fields already mapped as you had them previously. Then the process will continue the same as above, continuing from the mapping screen.