When building a report and doing your initial upload into Rocket Referrals, you must follow a couple of steps.

In your Report Maker in Eclipse, you will want to select "Add New Report". Set the Report Type to Policy. In "Field" select "Record Type" = "P" for personal lines

Select Policy - ASCI Export . Set Sort 1: to Name. 

Click Update, then Add

Add in the Export Fields seen below and Update:

Click Update. Add the Report to All Users. Click Create.

Save your file as a .CSV. in a new folder (e.g. Rocket Referrals)

Note: some Eclipse Users may want to save their file to a Private Drive

Go into your Rocket Referrals account, and go to your Contacts tab. Press the Green Import Contacts button> Import a new file, Browse for the file, wait for it to upload and press Next. Once on the mapping screen, map your screen as shown below and press Preview Import, and then Looks Good, Finish.

Once you have this report successfully uploaded once, you can schedule your future reports to be delivered via email. To see these steps, click here.