Before you get started with your commercial lines report there are a couple things to consider:

A.) If you have already built your personal lines report, you can skip these steps by making a copy of your personal lines report and label it Rocket Referrals Commercial

b.) It is recommended by Eclipse that you keep your Commercial Lines and Personal Lines clients separate by marking their profiles accordingly (Inactive, Prospect, Commercial). If you have not been designating certain clients as specifically commercial, but have instead been adding commercial lines policies to a personal lines account, then the following steps (which sort by Record Listing) may lead to finding some personal lines clients on the report (or visa-versa). Rocket Referrals does have a duplicate process that catches any potential duplicates to avoid duplicate communication. 

Note: If you haven't designated clients as Commercial, then you will want to do this before using the Customer Report. Use the policy report instead.

In your Report Maker in Eclipse, you will want to select "Add New Report". To build a report by commercial policies, Set the Report Type > Policy. To build a report with clients designated as Commercial clients, select Report Type > Customer.     In "Field" select "Record Type" > Operator "=" > Target 1 "C" for Commercial lines.

Select Policy - ASCI Export . Set Sort 1: to Name. 

Click Update, then Add

Add in the Export Fields seen below and Update:

Click Update. Add the Report to All Users. Click Create.

Save your file as a .CSV. in a new folder (e.g. Rocket Referrals)

Note: some Eclipse Users may want to save their file to a Private Drive

Go into your Rocket Referrals account, and go to your Contacts tab. Press the Green Import Contacts button> Import a new file, Browse for the file, wait for it to upload and press Next. Once on the mapping screen, map your screen as shown below and press Preview Import, and then Looks Good, Finish.

Because Eclipse generally downloads the commercial insured's name into the Insured name field, RR will use that field to map the name of the organization or individual who is insured. The primary contact person for that commercial account needs to have their name listed as the Co-Insured, so that we can direct communication and build a personal relationship with that individual. It also prevents the sending of cards and emails entitled, "Dear ABC Towing,". 

Once you have this report successfully uploaded once, you can schedule your future reports to be delivered via email. To see these steps, click here.