The multi-language feature offered by Rocket Referrals is available on our Professional Plans. This feature allows you to communicate with clients in multiple languages, across both email and handwritten cards. Each client within your Rocket Referrals account can be assigned a preferred language, and Rocket Referrals will automatically personalize communication based on this designation.

Available languages include:

Haitian Creole

English will be used as the default language for contacts.

Although Rocket Referrals' handwriting technology facilitates multiple languages, there are currently only a few that have been adapted to include the special characters needed, e.g. á, é, ä.

At this time Rocket Referrals facilitates the following handwritings in German, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese:
Nikola Tesla, Dan Jurgens, Billy Graham, Amelia Earhart

If you are in need of additional handwritings contact us at and request the language and preferred handwriting.

Steps to get started with using multi-language feature:**

When in the Set-up tab, press the Communications dropdown > Edit Languages

Add the languages you would like to use on this page by pressing the Add Language button towards the top of the page.

Use the drop down to select the language you are wishing to add. In order to be able to use that language make sure the Active switch button is on.

The “identifier” field is where you set a designation to the specific handwriting. This is used to map with clients during the upload process - allowing you to customize communication based for each clients' preferred language.

If you have an integration with QQ Catalyst, click here to learn how to set a preferred language and the different identifiers.

Create translations for communication templates in each language by pressing the communications dropdown on the Set-up tab and selecting Edit Templates

Each piece of communication that will be sent to your clients in a language outside of English will need to be first translated. Rocket Referrals uses Google translate to give you a head start, but we recommend you either edit the template yourself, or have a professional do so. We currently have professional translations done in Spanish and Portuguese. If you would like to use these professional templates please contact us at and we will have them custom imported into your account.

Once inside the template you would like to edit, press the desired language located under 'Missing Translations'.

Once the missing translation language has been selected, the email, or card will come up translated. Please understand that the translation has been done by Google Translate. While it is a good starting point, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace human translators. We recommend you review the translation and correct as needed. After reviewing and fixing whatever is necessary, press save.

Specify the language for each contact.

Once the language is active and the template is translated, you may now go and specify languages for each contact. This can be done during the import process, as shown above. You may also edit the desired language for each contact individually inside Rocket Referrals.

To do this select a contact and push Edit Contact.

From here, select the desired language for the contact. 

As long as all of the templates have been updated to accommodate the selected language, your multi-language feature should be ready to use!