Rocket Referrals automatically matches your referral sources. But occasionally, we may need you to match them instead. This usually happens when the client listed in your management system shares a name with another client, their name is misspelled or you've entered a category instead of a name. You'll see an alert in your account that says "Unmatched referrals" asking you to connect the dots to the person responsible for making the referral.

In this article we'll show you how to match a referral by yourself.

How to match referral sources manually.

If you are looking for more online reviews and client testimonials, this is hugely important as it teaches Rocket Referrals where to focus communications such as online review requests, testimonial requests, thank you and loyalty cards.

Select Contacts from the left-nav menu.

Click Unmatched referrals and select the unmatched record.

Here you will see that either a contact by that exact name couldn't be found OR there were multiple matches for that name (e.g. John Smith).

Type the name of the referring contact in the Search box and then select the matching entry.

Next, you'll be asked to do one of the following:

Match forever: All future John Smith referrals will match to the selected John Smith.
Match current contacts only: Will match the selected John Smith to all the contacts listed on the previous screen.
Match manually: Will return you to the previous screen and ask you which John Smith referred each client listed.

When you're done with the entry, click Save and View Next.

If you've been using internal codes like BNI- John Smith, you may continue to do so. Just tell Rocket Referrals that you want to "Yes, match forever".

If this is your first time cleaning up your referral sources, you may have a number of broader categories (e.g. Dave Ramsey, Walk-in, Mailer) instead of a person's name. For those like Walk-in, select the red Ignore button and move on to the ones where you can provide a name.

(Optional): If you ever need to undo a referral match, simply find the contact who you matched the referral to by going to Contacts > Search Contacts > Name of the contact > Edit Contact > Remove Referral.