Rocket Referrals will run each of your customer's mailing addresses past the USPS  to validate them. We run these mailing addresses to make sure they are correct so the system doesn't send cards to non-existing mailing addresses. 

In this article, we'll show you two ways to check for invalid mailing addresses. Plus, we offer some directions for fixing these errors.

Where to find your invalid emails and mailing address report.

Click Settings on the left-nav menu.

Under Reports / Downloads, click Invalid Contact Emails and Mailing Address.

Clicking the link will send an email to your inbox with a download link for the file.

Interpreting your report.

The error is located in Column A.
The reason the error occurred is located in Column B.

Reasons for an invalid address:

Address not found: The email address was not found in the USPS database. 

Address is marked invalid by U.S. Postal Service: The USPS has marked the address as invalid for a few different reasons. The address may be entered a differently from what's in the USPS database. 

Building/house number is invalid or missing: The address may be missing a house number or building/apartment number. 

Address marked vacant by U.S. Postal Service: The address provided is marked as vacant by the USPS. 

Suite range invalid: The suite number provided doesn't exist for this address.

Suite required: The address is missing a suite number. This may be an issue with apartment complexes or townhomes.    
Street number invalid: The street number is invalid. This could happen if the number is incorrect or cannot be found.

Unknown street: The street name is invalid. This could happen if the street name is spelled incorrectly or cannot be found.

Directionals or suffix invalid: The suffix or the directional that was provided within the address is invalid.
Box number invalid: The P.O. box that was entered was invalid.
ZIP code invalid: The ZIP code that was provided was invalid. This could happen if there's a digit missing or typo.
Private mailbox required: The P.O. box is missing.

Multiple address match: This can happen if there are multiple addresses that are listed with the USPS.

Street number required: The street number is missing from the rest of the address.

Alternative way of viewing invalid mailing addresses.

Click Communications on the left-nav menu.

If there is a red error sign under the Scheduled icon, this means the system recently tried and failed to send a communication to a customer.

Select Scheduled.

Use the All Communications dropdown to select Errors.

Under Type, select the communication you'd like to review.

Hover over "Can't Send" and an error message will be displayed showing you what went wrong.

Steps you can take to correct mailing addresses with errors.

Make sure the address is entered correctly, including the spelling.
Make sure all components of the address are entered. Including the suite number if it's an apartment.
Make sure the address is registered and validated with the USPS by going here

How to override an error.

If you have double-checked with the customer and the address that is displayed is in fact correct, you can override the error in your account.

Pull up the customer's profile within Rocket Referrals.

Press the red Invalid button next to the address.

Click the blue Override button.

Please be aware we do not refund cards that have been returned after the address has been overridden.