If you want to add a hyperlink into one of the email templates within Rocket Referrals, please use the following.

First, copy and past this code into your email template:
<a href="put the url of the page here">put the text as you want it to appear here</a>

Here is an example of how your code would appear in the email template during your editing process:

Don't forget to visit the <a href="https://www.dealinsuranceagency.com/policy-service-center">(https://www.dealinsuranceagency.com/policy-service-center%22>Policy)Policy Service Center</a>of our website to make payments, request changes, and file claims online

Here is an example of how it will appear when it is sent to your customer:

You can also select the 'Preview' button in the template editor to see it before you begin to send out this communication.

If you need any assistance while doing inserting these hyperlinks, please reach out to help@rocketreferrals.com