Importing your professional contacts is important to ensure proper tracking and followup with your referral sources.

There are two ways to import your professional contacts into Rocket Referrals.

By importing an Excel CSV file – OR –
Manually adding a contact

To manually add a contact go to your Contact tab, select the blue Add Contact button, enter your contact's information, select Professional and hit Save. 

The following instructions are for importing professional contacts from Excel or comma delimited files (XLS, XLSX, and CSV)

Begin by clicking on the Contacts tab at the top of the screen
From here click on the Import Contacts dropdown > Upload a New File
The system will ask you what type of file you are importing
Select Professional Contacts

Next click on the Browse File button
Rocket Referrals will accept both Excel and CSV files. For Excel files make sure that all contacts appear on the first sheet of file

Click on the desired file and push okay
Your file will automatically be downloaded and proofed
Click next to continue
You will be asked to match your data against the fields available in Rocket Referrals

Next click Preview Import to view how the contacts will be displayed in Rocket Referrals
If they are displayed correctly click Looks Good, Finish
Your files will now be automatically imported and you are finished
Make sure the referral source information in your management system matches exactly the name of your professional contact as entered in Rocket Referrals.