One question we get a lot is "Can Rocket Referrals help me improve the number of client email addresses we have?" The answer is yes! One way is by sending out a personal, custom handwritten card requesting the updated information. The other way- which not only improves your email list but simultaneously helps improve your Net Promoter Survey responses- is a strategically timed call. 

You may have noticed that Rocket Referrals gives you phone call suggestions during the week. We occasionally suggest you call a client before you send out a Net Promoter survey. This serves the dual purpose of increasing the likelihood that they follow through with a response and it also provides another reason to connect with a client Rocket Referrals has identified as highly likely to refer. The more personal touch points you have with referral sources = the more likely you will get referrals. 

Here is a good practice to use when your producers/CSR's/interns are calling clients who appear on your missing & invalid emails (see image above). Whenever someone calls a client with a missing email, here is an example of what they should say,

"Hi Joan, it's Heather at Jurgens Insurance. I was touching base because we are looking to find ways to improve our customer service, and as you've been such a loyal customer, we'd really love to specifically get your feedback. I've put together a short, two-question survey. If I sent it your way this afternoon, would you mind filling it out for me? You would? Great! What's the best email to send it to? Awesome, I'll have it over to you this afternoon."

This method succeeds because a benefit is being offered to a client (e.g. an enhanced customer experience). You are not asking for an email for an unknown reason (which most clients will usually assume is marketing). It is important you immediately follow through and schedule the Net Promoter Survey as you promised the client. They will be expecting the survey and it will dramatically increase your response rate.  

You will first want to update your client's email in your management system. Your management system is always our primary source of information, and if the client email is blank then the next time Rocket Referrals receives new data it will assume that the blank data means the client has no email and it will override any new info you entered into Rocket Referrals. Once your management system has been updated, you can either do a fresh import (for those of you uploading reports) or go to Rocket Referrals and add their email manually (rather than waiting for your next integration sync). 

To enter an email manually

Click on the Contacts Tab

Search for the client's name using the search box in the top right

Select the client's profile

Click Edit

Input the email in the email field

Click Save

Emailing your client

Now you are ready to send the email to your client.

Click the Schedule Communication drop down menu > Click Survey request > Click Approve > Click Send now.

Click the Schedule Communication and select Survey Request

Approve the survey and click Send Now

 It will ask you if you are sure you want to send it now instead of waiting for the Smart Send Algorithm to pick the best time. Go ahead and Click "Yes" and the survey will be sent right away. Continue this process as often as you can and soon you will see your testimonials, survey responses, Facebook engagement and online reviews increase!