There are times in every insurance agency's life when an agent decides to leave or is let go. In order to keep the lines of communication open (and personal), you will want to assign their clients to a new point of contact in your company. Additionally,  you may want to send an email to the clients of the old agent from their new agent and use it as an opportunity to schedule a call or an in-person meeting. 

Here are the steps to make that happen. You will want to begin with creating the custom email before you delete the old agent's User profile:

1.) From your Contacts tab go to Contacts > New contact list

2.) Name your list  and set criteria. In this case, you want active customers
(Contact type > Equals > Customer) who have the old agent John as their primary contact (Primary contact > Equals > John Jurgens). Click Save. 

3.) Continue editing your list or proceed to sending communication.  Select email or card depending on the type of introduction you care to make.

4.) Name your communication type

5.) Compose the email to the clients and select the agent who will be the new primary contact from the "From" dropdown. You can Insert fields to your email by clicking on the which will populate commonly used fields (e.g. Company name).

Click the Preview tab to take a look at your email. When ready to schedule, click Next.

Sample text:

Hi {{contact.firstname}}, Wanted to drop you a line and personally introduce myself and to keep you informed of some changes going on at {{}}. John has moved on to other opportunities and is no longer working with us {{}}.  As a team, we are committed to continuing to provide you with the best possible service and coverage to fit your needs. I am looking forward to being your agent moving forward and wanted you to have my contact information. I'd also love to schedule a time to get together to review your policies and ensure your coverage is appropriate for your current situation. Please feel free to connect with me any time and let me know a good time where you could stop by the office or hop on a quick call!

6.) Schedule an approximate date when you'd like the email to arrive. Our Smart Send technology will optimize the delivery of these emails accordingly. Before sending, Rocket Referrals will validate your email addresses to ensure proper delivery. When ready, hit Approve and schedule

6.) You are now ready to delete your ex-agent from Rocket Referrals and to reassign their contacts to a new agent. Go to Setup > Users > Click on ex-agent's profile > Click red Delete button. You will be prompted to replace the primary contact person for John's contacts**. Assign the new agent. Click Save. 

That's it. Nice job! If you need help or have any question about creating or scheduling communication feel free to give us a call (888) 978-8325 or shoot us an email to We'll be glad to help!