Your account includes a variety of thoroughly tested communication templates. They're designed to drive engagement and increase retention—and you can send them automatically. However, it's easy to adjust the templates at any time.

This article explains a) how to edit a template and b) how to edit a specific communication to a particular individual.

How to edit a communication template.

Click Settings on the left-nav menu.

Go to the Communications section on the right and select Configure.

Click on the options menu beside the communication you want to edit and then select Template.

Edit your Active Template by clicking on the options menu and then selecting Edit.

To switch on an inactive template, go to Available Templates and click the options menu beside the communication you'd like to enable. Then select Make Active.

Edit the following fields as needed (and make sure to press Save at the top of the page before exiting):

A) Changes who your communication is coming from
B) Changes the design on the front of the card
C) Changes the inside-top text of the card
D) Changes what displays on the back of the card
E) Changes the message

How to edit an individual communication.

Select Communications from the left-nav menu.

Click on Must approve.

Select the communication you wish to edit.

Click the blue Edit button.

Edit the fields as needed and click Save.