At Rocket Referrals, we run each of your customers' email addresses past a third-party validation service. This makes sure the system doesn't send emails to invalid addresses, which can impact your email reputation. However, if you want to fix errors, you'll need to adjust the addresses yourself.

In this article, we'll show you two ways to check for invalid email addresses. Plus, we offer some directions for fixing these errors.

Locating your Invalid Emails and Mailing Address report

Click Settings on the left-nav menu.

Under Reports / Downloads, click Invalid Contact Emails and Mailing Address.

Clicking the link will send an email to your inbox with a download link for the file.

Interpreting your report

Column A: What the error is
Column B: The reason the error occurred. See below for more detail on each reason.

This error appears when a customer receives an email from Rocket Referrals and chooses not to receive any more. Each of the emails sent from Rocket Referrals will include an unsubscribe link. When a customer unsubscribes, all email communication will be stopped from sending to that customer.

Server Rejected:
Rocket Referrals sent an email to a customer and their server rejected the email. This may be because your domain is marked as spam, the customer's inbox is full, or the customer's email company has a special filter.

Incorrect Email Address:
This error appears when the email address that is entered into Rocket Referrals has a spelling or punctuation typo.

Email Account Invalid:
This error appears when our third-party service cannot validate an email account because of a typo or it doesn't exist.

Email Domain Invalid:
This error means the domain the email address is associated with is invalid. This could be due to a misspelling or the domain doesn't exist.

Alternative way of viewing invalid email addresses

Click Communications on the left-nav menu.

Select Scheduled.

If there is a red error sign under Scheduled, this means the system recently tried and failed to send a communication to a customer.

Use the All Communications dropdown to select Errors.

Under Type, select the communication you'd like to review.

Hover over Can't Send and an error message will be display what went wrong.

Correcting email addresses with errors

Make sure the email address spelling is correct. This includes the domain.
Check with the customer if they've marked your email as spam.
Has the customer whitelisted
Verify that the customer's email inbox isn't full.

How to override an error

If you have double-checked with the customer that their email is in fact correct, you can override the error in your account.

Pull up the customer's profile within Rocket Referrals.

Press the red Invalid button next to the email address.

Click the blue Override button.