Before creating Rocket Referrals as a vendor to upload your report, you will want to save your Hawksoft file in your HAW folder. It is recommended to create a Rocket Referrals' subfolder to house your reports moving forward. You will also want to set up E-Mail Import integration within your Rocket Referrals account.
Email Import Integration

Building a Memorized Hawksoft Report

Adding Rocket Referrals as a Vendor

Click the Search button on Hawksoft's home screen

Type Rocket in the Last, First/Business field and click Search

Click Insert New

Select No Policy

Fill out the following fields:

Business: Check the box
Name: Rocket Referrals

Client Type: Vendor
Customer Type: Do Not Market
Status: Active
Producer: Set to whoever you're on the phone with
Source: None

Click Add

Fill out the following fields and click OK:

Type: Other email
Email Address: Use the email generated by Rocket Referrals
Profile: < Link To Client ( No Profile ) >

Click Finish

It may require you to fill out a mailing address to finish. If it does, use Rocket Referrals' address: 317 6th Ave 8th floor, Des Moines, IA 50309

Sending an email to Rocket Referrals within Hawksoft

Click Action

Make sure you are in the Rocket Referrals' vendor profile

Select Email

Select To

Select Company

You can also use Other

Select Email

Click the To field to populate the email address and click OK

Select No Template and click OK

Outlook will open up a new email message and you can attach your saved report

You can also keep track of when you last sent a report by logging each time you send the email. It will display in the log section of the vendor.