Building the report

Before running the report, freshen the indexes to guarantee all clients will be on the report: Run Utilities > File Maintenance > Freshen Indexes

Download the Rocket Referrals Report Filters and copy it to Hawksoft Agency Documents Folder located at the HAW/Agency Documents.

Insert Memorized Report into Hawksoft Agency Documents Folder located at HAW/Agency Documents

Insert Memorized Report into Hawksoft Agency Documents Folder located at HAW/Agency Documents

Before you run this report, go into Rocket Referrals and add the Deceased/Deceased2 Custom Field in the Setup Tab.

In HawkSoft go to Reports > Advanced Reports and select the “Rocket Referrals” Memorized Report.




6.4 You must add a Referred By field manually by pressing Add/Remove and scrolling down in the drop down and selecting "Referred By"
(In order to be able to put in referrals you must follow a seperate process. Click here for the adding referral process).

6.5 From here, you will also add the "Name Insured" and "2nd Name Insured" field into the report and click OK.

6.6 You will be sure to save this layout and press Finish.

Go to File> Save Memorized Report. Press save on the pop up comes and press Yes if it asks to override.

Go back to File > Export > Report.

Save the Report to your computer as a CSV file.

Apply the following filters to the account before uploading. (Make sure to have any deceased contact on the account in Hawksoft as the secondary contact to delete them from Rocket Referrals.)

Go into your Rocket Referrals account, and go to your Contacts tab. Press the Green Import Contacts button> Import a new file, Browse for the file, wait for it to upload and press Next. Once on the mapping screen, map your screen as shown below and press Preview Import, and then Looks Good, Finish.

If the file errors out when uploading, please convert the CSV file to an Excel Workbook and upload the report again. You will need to do this every time you upload a report moving forward.

Hawksoft - Finding Agency Docs

Try these steps if you can't locate their Agency docs folder. If no luck, get Hawksoft on the line.

Way #1: Under Help folder > System Information > Double click on HAW (it doesn’t look like it’s clickable, but it is) > click that, it will open and then find Agency Docs

Way #2: This PC > Local C > HAW > Agency Docs