Configuring your Rocket Referrals account to add reviews to your "Safeco Find an Agent profile" is easy.

Make sure you have the "agent reviews" link with your page ID

If you can't find the link, contact Safeco and request the link from them

Log into your Rocket Referrals account and from your Setup page under Review Sites click Edit Sites

Name your new Custom Site "Safeco Reviews" and input your link into the URL and Mobile URL field.

Turn the Active switch to the ON position and click Save.

Prioritizing your Safeco review site

You can change the way Rocket Referrals displays review sites to client via the prioritization system. To change the priority of your review sites, you can use the up and down arrows to set the priority.

Clients will still have the option to choose which site they want to leave a review on, however, setting the priority will place more importance on the review sites higher in the list.

We have found that Google and Facebook reviews tend to have the greatest reach in local search, however, if boosting your "Safeco Find an Agent profile" is your priority, you may move it higher in the list.

You are now ready to start collecting reviews for your "Safeco Find an Agent profile".