To get spouse names and birthdays into Rocket Referrals, you must first get the insured report (Policy Master Report) uploaded.

Go to the Reports tab in EZLynx (located on the left hand side, the icon that looks like a line graph> press All Reports > Press on the Applicant Master report in the Applicant Report section.

Once you are in the Applicant Master report, you will want to press the grey Filter button and apply the filter Relation = Co-Applicant and press Add.

Once you have this filter applied you will want to press the gear icon next to the word Table and select the fields you will want on this spouse name report. You will want the Applicant ID, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, and the Total Active Policy count fields. Press OK after finished. You’ll then want to save the report using the floppy disk icon in the top right corner (name it RR spouse name report) and then download it as a CSV.

Once you have downloaded and saved the report to your computer, log into Rocket Referrals and click on the Contacts tab. Press the green Import Contacts button. On the next screen, press Browse File, find the report you had just saved, and double-click to select it. Once the file is ready to go press the Next button.

Now, you’ll want to import the report into Rocket Referrals. Mapping is shown below. BEFORE MAPPING, MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE ONLY UPDATE EXISTING CONTACTS OPTION Without this selected it will pull over everyone from that Spouse name report, even the in-actives. To view this option, select "Show Advanced Options." Once done mapping the fields, hit Next.