Adding a new Activity

Go to the profile of the referred account and select Activity

Click Add Note on the right-side of the webpage

Select the label icon and select Referred By from the dropdown list

You may have to create the referred by label by clicking create label above the search bar

Enter who the client was referred by in the note field

You can track referrals either by entering the name or the EZLynx Applicant ID of the person who made the referral in the Note field. It is suggested the Applicant ID as it makes an exact match every time.

Running the Activity Report

Go to the Activity Reports section and select Activity Master

Select Filter and set the filter follows:

Type in Referred By

Select the gear icon next to Table and select the following criteria and click OK

Click the floppy-disk icon in the top-right and save the report

Upload and title your report

Map your EZLynx report as follows and import