On the left hand side, go to your Reports tab > in the Applicant Master Reports.

    Filter rows as shown by cell values (as shown below). In the Filter Column choose Applicant Type. In the Value field choose Prospect/Lead.

Select gear icon next to Table and select the following fields. Press OK after finished.

On the top right of the screen, press the Save button (floppy-disk icon). When you press the save button, it will ask you to name and describe the report. For title, put Rocket Referrals; for description put Rocket Referrals Prospects into the fields. Once saved, download the report by pressing the arrow pointing down icon> save as a CSV.

Once you have downloaded and saved the report to your computer, log in to Rocket Referrals and click on the Contacts tab. Press the green Import Contacts dropdown> Upload a New File. MAKE SURE THE TYPE OF THE CONTACT IS CHANGED TO PROSPECTS. Once the report is uploaded and checked, press the next button. Map the field as shown below > Preview Import > Looks Good, Finish.