In EZ Agent, go to the Reports tab -> Double click on the Custom Report.

When the custom report builder comes up, choose the fields listed below from the available Fields box and switch them over to the Selected Fields box by pressing the arrow button> press Save.

Client Name, Client Address 1, Client Address 2, Client City, Client State, Client Zip, Client Phone, Client Rep, Client Status, Client I.D, Client Email.

Put Rocket Referrals in the Report description and choose Marketing for the category> Press Ok. Now, You should see the Rocket Referrals report show up under your list of reports.

Double click on the Rocket Referrals Report> select the Mail Merge File and press Ok. Save as CSV and name the Report Rocket Referrals and the date.

In Rocket Referrals go to your Contacts Tab -> press the green Import Contacts dropdown -> Upload a New File. Browse for the file you've just saved -> press next once it is done uploading. Now, you will want to map the fields in EZ Agent to the fields in Rocket Referrals as shown below. Press preview import -> Looks good, Finish.