Rocket Referrals includes the functionality of advising users of significant account activity via Email Notifications. Our notifications are configured specifically to each user within the account.

Each user has full control over the notifications they receive from Rocket Referrals including:

Survey Responses
Activity Summary
Facebook Likes
Online Reviews

You can configure Email Notifications by first clicking on an individual User found in the Setup Tab towards the bottom of the page.

From here you can switch Email Notifications ON and OFF by clicking on the buttons below each notification type.

The Email Notifications will be sent to the Email address associated with the User Account.

You also have control of how often you would like to receive each notification type. For example, you can choose to be updated immediately when a Survey Response is collected by Rocket Referrals, a daily report, or a weekly report. For weekly reports you will always be notified on Monday morning.

To view how the Email Notifications will appear in your inbox click on the Send a sample button below the notification type.

Under Email Notification you can switch ON or OFF for notifications regarding all contacts. When ON you will get notification for all contacts. When OFF you will only get notifications for contacts you are associated with.