With the Email Import feature you have the ability to email your report into Rocket Referrals and have it be automatically mapped. Before you can start emailing the report in, we will want to do an initial manual upload. Then, we will map the fields in your management system to the ones in Rocket Referrals to ensure that future email imports will come into our system the same each time.

Go to your Set Up tab> press the grey Integrations button> next to Email Import press configure.

When you press the Configure button, you will be taken to the Set Up tab. In the Set Up tab you will need to put in the email addresses of where the files will be coming from. If you do not include any email addresses in the field reports from any email address will be accepted. If you put in specific email addresses Rocket Referrals will only accept reports from only the email addresses listed.

Located inside the Email Addresses tab are the email addresses will need to send the report to. Each email address is assigned to a initial import mapping. To send an email click on the the email address that has the mapping you want the report to match. From there, a new email will generate to the email addresses you've selected. Attach the report and press save. Your report will now be sent to Rocket Referrals and uploaded. If you have selected to get an email to notify you when the upload is complete, expect it within the next couple minutes.

Rocket Referrals accepts attachments in the following formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx

The system will also accept HTML tables within the body of the email which is used by some systems (e.g. Salesforce). If you are using this type of integration method please contact us so we can work you through the initial integration.

In your History tab, you will find information about your uploads. You will be able to see the time and dates of your email imports, how many new contacts were added, and how many changes were made to your customer data. Any time you see an Errors report available, click the 'errors' hyperlink to download. In this report, you will see any kind of errors with your data, such as invalid email or mailing addresses.