In your E-Agent account, go to the Reports tab at the top of the page.

Go to Marketing > Policy > All Policies > Date Type > Any > Run Report

Your Report should include the following criteria:

Insured, email, address, home phone, work phone, cell phone, other phone, policy number, lead source, company, effective, expires, cancelled, bind, policy status, premium, property zip, agent, producer, and branch

Click the Microsoft Excel Icon to send report to Excel. Open the File and Save As an Excel workbook to your computer. (You may want to create a folder especially for Rocket Referrals).

Your file can now be uploaded to Rocket Referrals.

To import your file:

Log in to your Rocket Referrals account, and go to your Contacts tab. Press the Green Import Contacts button> Import a new file, Browse for the file, wait for it to upload and press Next. Once on the mapping screen, map your screen as shown below and press Preview Import, and then Looks Good, Finish. 

At this point, you should upload at least once a week to keep your account current. To make things easier, you can even process your report by emailing it to a secure email account. To see the steps to set up your email import click here.