We recommend you regularly check for duplicate contacts to avoid sending out more than one of the same type of communication. This article will show you how to do that.

How to fix duplicates.

Select Contacts from the left-nav menu.

Click the Duplicate contacts folder.

Select the duplicate contact that you want to resolve.

If available, you can auto-fix certain duplicates by clicking Auto fix in the top-right.

Resolve the duplicate (see below for a guide on each option):

The first account in the list will serve as the primary account/contact after the merge and all other contacts in the list will be removed.

Quit: Takes you back to the duplicate overview page.
Not Duplicates: Keeps the customers separated.
Fix and View Next: Merges the customers together.
Skip: Takes you to the next duplicate in the queue.

Merge contacts: This section displays the different contacts and shows the similarity in certain data points such as address, email, etc.

Padlock: Sets the particular contact to be first in the list (primary account).
Minus: Excludes the particular contact from the merge.