If there are duplicates in your account, there will be a yellow Duplicate Contacts list in your Contacts tab. You'll want to click on that list to get started.

Auto Fix: In order for a contact to be able to be fixed by auto fix, the contacts must have all matching information (name, email, address, etc). If you have contacts who can be fixed by auto fix, you will see a green bar. To auto fix, press the blue auto fix button in the top right corner.

Once the system has auto fixed your contacts, the contacts who were not able to be fixed, will need to be resolved manually. To do so, press on the top contact listed on the main Duplicates page.

Once you are brought to the screen where you can see the contacts who are being considered as duplicates (as seen below), you'll want to decide whether you want to send communications to the contacts listed separately, or if you want to merge the two contacts into one and send one communication.

If you want to merge the contacts into one, you'll first want to decide who you want communications to be addressed to. If the contact who you wish to have communications addressed to is listed at the top, this means they are already set as the primary in Rocket Referrals. Now, you'll want to press the Fix and View Next button. This will merge the other contacts into the top listed one. 

If the person who you wish to address communications to is not the top listed contact, you'll need to press the lock icon that is on the right side. This will move that contact to be the primary, top listed contact. Now, you can press the Fix and View next button. 

If you wish to keep the listed contacts separate in Rocket Referrals and send separate emails and cards, press the red Not Duplicates button.

If you wish to exclude one of the contacts listed from the merging process, press the exclude (minus sign) button. This would ensure that they would not be merged into the contacts who have NOT been excluded.