If you need help or feel uncomfortable creating a list on your own, an account manager is always ready to help at the following: (888) 978-8325 or support@rocketreferrals.com

Select the Contacts tab from the left-nav menu

Go into the list you're sending communications to

Select the options dropdown and choose Send contacts communications

Name your custom list communication and click Next

This is internal only

Choose the communication type (Card or Email) and click Next

Edit the email or card to fit the goal of your communication and when finished click Next

You can insert markdown by using the Insert fields items on the right-side of the editor

Make sure to double-check for any spelling or grammar errors and that all the content is included

Schedule the date you want to send the communication by and click Next

Rocket Referrals will begin validating the emails or mailing addresses on the list and depending on the amount of contacts, it can take a few minutes

Click Approve and Send

You can view the invalid emails or mailing addresses by clicking view next to Invalid email addresses or Invalid mailing addresses

If at any point in time you need to make an edit, you can click any of the previous steps via the breadcrumb trail