Select the Contacts tab from the left-nav menu

Click New contact list

Set the criteria for your list (see below for definitions of each segment)

See this article here for a full list of fields available

A. Set the title for the list

Example: Detractors turned promoters

B. Choose what color the list will display on the contacts tab

C. Number of contacts on the list based on the current criteria

D. The "logic block" where the criteria for a specific category can be set

Example: Contact type = Customer

By default the initial starting block is client detail criteria

E. This creates a product block where you can set criteria based on products

Example: Product type = Homeowners

F. This creates a testimonial block where you can set criteria based on whether or not the client has left a testimonial

Example: Testimonial published | before | 1/01/2020

G. This creates a survey block where you can set criteria based on survey score or response

Example: Score is less than 7

H. This creates a list block where you can filter out clients if they belong on a specific list

Example: Client is not on list "Resolved Detractors"

Click Save when finished

See this article here for common lists used by a variety of agents