In this article, you'll find out how to automate a customer list and then how to configure the communicate you'd like to send.

How to set up your list automation.

Select Contacts from the left-nav menu.

Choose the list to which you're sending the communication.

Click Options and select Send contacts communications.

Name the campaign.

This name is internal and for your use only.

Select People added to the list or People removed from the list.

Customize the communication.

Our default templates have been thorough tested and are proven to engage customers.

Select the timeframe for sending the communication after the contact is added to or removed from the list.

Select No or Yes.

Selecting Yes means you need to manually review the communication before sending it out.

How to configure a custom communication.

Click Settings on the left-nav menu.

Go to the Communications section on the right and select Configure.

Select the Custom tab.

A. Turn on the communication to begin generating the communication
B. Turn on the communication automation
C. Configure the communication or edit the template

Under options, select Configuration next to the communication you want to adjust.

Name: Here you can change the internal name of the communication.

Audience: Here you can change what action triggers the communication and which list to use as your audience.

Schedule: Here you can set the communication to be sent X amount of days after being added to the list.

Communication templates
Approving and sending communication
Markdown and HTML for communication templates