Rocket Referrals allows users to personalize the design of the front, inside, and back of each handwritten card. The following customizations are available to the user:

Front of card: Text, An existing design, Upload an image

Inside top of card: Blank, Gift card, Text

Back of card: Text, An existing design, Upload an image

Text should include a short phrase the user wishes to communicate the purpose of the card, i.e. Welcome, Thank You, etc. When using text for the front of the card the user should not use more than 3 words. This will prevent formatting mishaps. However, users may enter a single sentence of text for use in the inside top of the card.

Existing designs are those Rocket Referrals offers users to choose from. This is a growing library of images that fit properly on the card.

Uploading an image allows users to input their own design. If you use this option make sure to preview cards before sending them to ensure proper formatting. Also, because Rocket Referrals uses porous paper stock the ink will absorb and degrade the quality of photographs. Therefore we recommend users only use illustrations / graphics, rather than photographs.

To modify the front, inside top, and back of a card you should first set a template for each type of communication you want to personalize.

Click on the Communications dropdown on the set-up tab and select Edit Templates

Locate the communication type and either edit an existing template or create a new one.

If you choose to upload an image, add text, or using an existing design you will see options for each here.

For existing designs you will have several to choose from.

After you set the template to how you want it make sure you push save. Otherwise the system will not save your changes.