Before you can start your direct integration between Rocket Referrals and ASNOA, you must first reach out to ASNOA and ask for your Branch Codes. Once you have your Branch Codes, give that information to your team member at Rocket Referrals that you have been working with. 

Once the branch codes are in the Rocket Referrals system, go to your Setup tab > press the grey integration button > next to the ASNOA icon press Configure >Turn the integration on > select all branches > press Save.
Under the Customer Status section, select the appropriate check boxes.

A. If the "active policy required" box is checked, we will look for at least one active policy to consider a contact from ASNOA to be an active customer. 

B. If the "Include Prospects" box is checked, we will pull over all prospects from ASNOA.

C. If the "CSR is primary" box is checked, we will use the Producer as the primary contact, if unselected, we will use the CSR. 

D. If the "CSR/producer must be assigned" box is checked**,** any contact who has a CSR or Producer that is not assigned to a User in Rocket Referrals, will not pull over into Rocket Referrals.

Select any Policy/ business types you'd like to pull into Rocket Referrals.

Select how we should import spouse names into Rocket Referrals. If more than 1 box is selected, we will try all the selected ways until we find a spouse names. When you hover your mouse over each option, it will give a brief description on where we will pull from.

Now, you will want to map each employee from EPIC to the User in Rocket Referrals. If the user does not exist, you will need to first add the user to your account. On the left hand side, you will have the EPIC employee, and on the right, in the drop down, you will have the Users that are in Rocket Referrals. Whoever is mapped to that employee, will be the one who all communications go out from.

If the "CSR/Producer must be assigned" box is checked under the Customer Status section, and an employee is unassigned, that employees customers will not pull over into Rocket Referrals.

Policy Status has already been mapped for you, but you'll want to make sure it is correct in case you are keeping track of policy status differently.

Rocket Referrals looks in a specific spot in EPIC to pull over referrals sources. This is how Rocket Referrals keeps track of referral information and we identify your most loyal customers. Press here to see how to set up the field and how to keep track of referral information in it.