Rocket Referrals sends personalized communication to your clients on your behalf in order to:

Collect data – including Net Promoter Scores – to better identify clients likely to refer
Encourage referrals with cards sent first-class mail using proven psychology and our proprietary handwriting technology
Gather feedback and data about your business to identify specific customer issues and trends
Collect testimonials for your business
Gain more popularity with social networks including Facebook likes, comments, and shares

Scheduled communication will automatically populate as the Smart Referral Algorithm continually analyzes your customer base. As default for new subscriptions, Autopilot is switched off (located within the edit communications area on the setup tab). Therefore communication must be approved by the user before it is sent.

In order to approve communication to be sent on your behalf:

Begin by clicking on the Communications Tab on the top navigation bar
From here you will go to the Must Approve list
You can filter by primary contact or by communication type
If you'd like to approve all of the communications Rocket Referrals generates and suggests, press the blue 'Approve All' button in the top right corner
If you would prefer to go page by page, click on the box next to each piece of communication you would like to approve or click on the box next to Type to select all items on that page.
Click on the Approve Selected button at the top right corner of the page
The approved communication is now scheduled and will be sent to your customers at a time that yields the highest response rates and effectiveness